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Probiotics are a group of living microorganisms used to feed livestock. They are not harmful to living organisms, whereas  they secrete various enzymes that cause the breakdown of organic carbon chains and the production of substances such as simpler sugars, alcohols, vitamins and other nutrients.




The special conditions of keeping and feeding pets (dogs and cats) disturb the microbial balance of the gastrointestinal tract and cause digestive problems that can damage pet’s health and bring about many problems for pets and its owner. The use of probiotic supplements restores the digestive health of the pet to normal.


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Probiotics are packaged in a variety of forms.  There is a large amount of order so that the customer can pack according to their target market conditions.


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With the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products, Company Proparsi started its activities in the field of selling various types of probiotics. One of the main concerns of our group is bestowing high-quality customers’ services to achieve customers’ satisfaction and stick a good shopping experience in the minds of our customers as well. 


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